चिंता ता ता चिता चिता
Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita

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चिंता ता ता चिता चिता
Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita
00 :39
दुनिया चले पिछाड़ी, तो मैं चलूँ अगाड़ी
सब खेल जानता हूँ, मैं हूँ बड़ा खिलाड़ी
[both lines x2]
सुमड़ी  में ले के जाऊँ और सब को मैं सिखाऊँ
चिंता ता चिता चिता चिंता ता ता [x4]
[all stanza x2]
The world walks at the back, so I walk at the front
I know all the game, I am a big player
[both lines x2]
Having taken them I shall go, and teach them all
Chinta ta chita chita chinta ta ta [x4]
[all stanza x2]
02 :05
अरे, क्या रंग-रूप है,
क्या चाल-ढाल है
[both lines x3]
यह लाजवाब है, यह बेमिसाल है!
[po po po po po]
[eh po po po po po]
[eh po po po po]
[eh po po po po po]
अरे, नया नया साल है, नया नया माल है
Hey, what a look!
What a gait!
[both lines x3]
She is peerless, she is incomparable!
[po po po po po]
[eh po po po po po]
[eh po po po po]
[eh po po po po po]
Hey, it is new-new year, it is new-new lass
02 :29
मिल जाए कोई छोरी, काली हो चाहे गोरी [x2]
चुपके से चोरी-चोरी,
बाँधूँ मैं दिल की डोरी
सुमड़ी  में ले के जाऊँ और इस को मैं सिखाऊँ
चिंता ता चिता चिता चिंता ता ता  [x2]
Should I find any girl, whether she be black or white,
secretively, stealthily,
I shall fasten the string of (her) heart
Having taken her I shall go, and teach her:
Chinta ta chita chita chinta ta ta [x2]
03 :35
आँखों में रौब है, [pocket] में [note] है [x2]
नटखट मिज़ाज है, रंगीला [coat] है
सूरत मासूम है, नीयत में खोट है
[pajama] तंग है, ढीला लंगोट है
There is panache in (her) eyes, a note in (her) pocket [x2]
She has a naughty nature, she has a gaudy coat
Her countenance is innocent, (but) in (her) motive there is a falsehood
The pajama is tight, (but) the loincloth is loose
04 :03
चिंता ता चिता चिता चिंता ता ता [x3]
ऐसा चलाऊँ चक्कर, सीधा करूँ [character]
रस्ते पे इस को लाऊँ, इसे आईना दिखाऊँ
सुमड़ी  में ले के जाऊँ और सब को मैं सिखाऊँ
चिंता ता चिता चिता चिंता ता ता
[repeated several times]
Chinta ta chita chita chinta ta ta [x3]
I shall put this affair in modtion, straighten (her)character
I shall take her down the alley and make her see the mirror
Having taken her I shall go, and teach her:
Chinta ta chita chita chinta ta ta
[repeated several times]

Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita (Hindi: चिंता ता ता चिता चिता, Urdu: چِنتا تا تا چِتا چِتا) is a song from the 2012 Indian action masala film "Rowdy Rathore". The movie is about a small-time thief called Shiva (played by the Indian actor Akshay Kumar), who falls in love with a woman from Patna called Paro (played by the Indian actress Sonakshi Sinha).

Shiva also happens to be the lookalike of Vikram Rathore, a strong and severe police officer who gives the movie its name.

While performing his pickpocketing and petty robberies, Shiva usually performs some characteristic percussion and humming (chi-ta-ta chita-chita ...) which is the title of the song.

Interestingly, not once in the song the humming happens exactly as in the song title (the title has one more "ta" than the actual humming in the song).

The video clip shows Shiva and his partner in crime 2G (played by the Indian comedian Paresh Ganatra) performing some petty crimes, dancing in the street, crashing a beauty parade, all while performing and singing their trademark tapping.

During the video clip, the famous Indian dancer Joseph Vijay (a.k.a "Vijay") and the actress Kareena Kapoor make cameo appearances.

The song's lyrics, which are full of colloquial Hindi terms and phrases with sexual innuendo and double-meaning, were written by the Indian lyricist Sameer Anjaan., and the music was composed by the composer duo Sajid-Wajid.

The singers are the Indian rapper and playback singer Mika Singh, and again Wajid from Sajid-Wajid.