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00 :16
अरे, यार, कोई [A.C.] चला दो, यार
हाँ, सही है, सही है
Come on, friends, someone turn on the A.C, pals!
Yes, so be it, so be it!
00 :22
बाक़ी सारी [fake] लगे,
देख के तुझको [brake] लगे
दूर दूर से ठीक है रानी,
पास आऊँ तो सेंक लगे
पारा इतना [high] हुआ कि 
[thermometer] टूट गया
सैयाँ जी का टपक टपक के
हाय पसीना छूट गया
All else seems fake,
after looking at you, I apply the brakes
From far away it's OK, queen,
I come close to you, then I start to get toasted
The mercury got so high,
that the thermometer broke
Ah! the drip-drip of my beloved Sir's
sweat is released
00 :39
कैसी गुंडागर्दी है?
बंदी तू बेदर्दी है
सर्दी में भी कर दी है
/ कर दी है, कर दी है
कर दी, कर दी, कर दी, कर दी
हाय, गरमी [x4]
What a bullying/intimidation!
Woman, you are pitiless!
Even in winter,
you have caused, you have caused
you you have caused, you have caused
ah, heat! [x4]
01 :10
दिसंबर में कर दे [summer]
तू [Lamborghini], मैं हूँ [Hummer]
वैसे भी कोई जल्दी नहीं मुझको
बचपन से ही मैं [latecomer]
[Million] में तू [baby] एक,
हिलती कमर जैसे [snake]
तेरी सुंदरता पे लिख दूँ [baby],
दो [foot] लंबा लेख
कर दूँ सौ बात की एक,
लेगी मुझको तू माथा टेक
गरमी कहते हैं किस को तू
मुझको गले लगा के देख
In December, you bring summer
You are Lamborghini, I am Hummer
I’m not in any hurry like that
Since childhood, I’m a true latecomer
Baby, you are one in a million
Your waist sways like a snake
On your beauty, baby, I could write
a two-feet long document
Let me say, in sum,
after embracing me, and seeing
what is called heat
you will show respect to me!
01 :37
ऐसे  तू देख परे, दिल
क्यूँ मेरा [break] करे?
लाल [dress] में रानी,
बिल्कुल [red velvet] का [cake] लगे
Don’t look away from me, why
would you break my heart?
In a red dress, queen,
you absolutely seem a red velvet cake
01 :45
तेरे जैसे जाने कितनों
के दिल चकनाचूर हुए
मेरे पीछे मर के आशिक़
कितने ही मशहूर हुए
The hearts of who knows how many others
like you got shattered!
Dying after me, so many lovers
have become famous!
01 :54
कैसी गुंडागर्दी है?
सर्दी में भी कर दी है
कर दी है, कर दी है
हाय, गरमी [x3]
गरमी गरमी [x3]
हाय, गरमी
गरमी गरमी [x3]
What a bullying/intimidation!
Even in winter, you have caused, you have caused
you you have caused, you have caused
ah, heat [x3]
Heat, heat [x3]
ah, heat!
Heat, heat [x3]

Garmi (Hindi: गरमी, Urdu: گرمی) "Heat" is a song from the 2020 Indian film "Street Dancer 3".

In the video clip, which is a trailer of the movie, the male protagonist, Sahej (played the Indian actor Varun Dhawan) meets Mia (played by the Canadian actress and dancer Nora Fatehi) on a dance floor and both perform seductive "twerking" moves.

The lyrics refer to the body heat caused by the mutual sexual attraction these two characters feel. In some versions of this song and video clip, a third stanza is added, more or less in the same style.

The song's music and lyrics were authored by the Indian rapper Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia, better known by his stage name "Badshah".
The singers are also Badshah and the Indian singer Neha Kakkar for the female parts.